Some Opinion About Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 – Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 is a wireless mouse that has a sophisticated system and shape ever. The developer has applied touch system into the mouse, so it does not have any buttons. Touch technology is considered to provide a more natural way of computing. If you are not a computer accessories enthusiast, you will not realize that it is a mouse.

Touch mouse looks like a wifi device portable. You can use touch mouse by sweeping your fingers to a surface to navigate better interaction because the control can be perceived directly by the sense of sight and touch. The mouse can work on every media. If you want to know further information, some word below will explain about Touch Mouse T630.

Review about Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630

International brand device hardware which always makes a different product with the other is designing very different creation mouse. They develop a mouse without cable to get user’s curiosity and attract their consumer. What the advantages of this product one?

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630
Images: Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630
  1. Anti-Stiff Mouse With Easy-Swift Technology

    Mouse sleek design comes with Logitech Easy-Switch technology that allows users to connect two devices simultaneously. The technology also makes this mouse can switch from one device to another device quickly by merely sliding the button without requiring an additional receiver. The user can use two computer device at the same time.

    Thus, users can work faster, more efficiently and more productively with a PC, Mac, or tablet Windows 8 that equipped with a Bluetooth connection. Easy-Swift technology applied to save energy to hand fatigue while working. Cause with the smooth motion of the mouse can work well.

  2. Touch Mouse Is Producing To Compensate For The Changing Times

    Nowadays, every person required to be able to work quickly and precisely. So, to increase an efficiency and productivity have become many challenges faced by today’s consumers.  For use, more than one computing device to complete the work or daily activities today has become commonplace as well.

    However, need to require more time to move from one device to the other. They do not waste time to be more efficient and productive. That’s why developers create Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630, ultra-portable mouse with thin and charming design, and equipped with touch technology on the surface that will make it easier for users to navigate.

  3. Logitech T630 Is Quiet Mouse Ever

    For daily use, Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse feels quite comfortable when used to accompany a variety of daily activities, ranging from the navigation on desktop and applications supporting the regular work, surf the Internet, to play some game titles casual. T630 series is one of mouse product that has high comfortable to its user.

    The fiber material used around this side of the mouse makes it not slippery when used and can improve the convenience of use.This mouse has no buttons. So it does not produce a disturbing “click” sound when in use. The function keys are replacing with the sophisticated Easy-Touch system. It just takes a small touch to use it.

  4. Very Flexible In Saving Space

    Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 is explicitly designed to have a slim and compact design that able to inserted into a notebook bag or pocket. This wireless mouse is also very light, so it is suitable for traveling. Responsive touch surface makes navigation touch on Windows 8 as well as Multi-Touch navigation on the Apple OS X makes it easy and fun.

    Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 has a height dimension of 3.3 inches, width 2.3 inches, 0.7 inches depth, and weight 2.4 ounces. So it is very sleek and easy to carry anywhere. Even if your briefcase is full, this mouse can store on the side of your bag without eating any unique space that is troublesome.

  5. Rechargeable Battery

    If your Logitech T630 Ultrathin Optical Touch Mouse is low battery, you do not to remove its battery. Just plug in USB and let it for a while until  battery mouse full. Even based (Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 Review), the battery can be charged only one minute. It fit to people who have busy activity and don’t have much time to recharge your battery.

  6. Do Not Need A Mouse Pad To Use It

    Optical sensors on Logitech Ultrathin T630 work perfectly in almost any kind of surface of objects, ranging from wooden tables, rugs to leather. It only has difficulty when placed on top of objects with reflective surfaces that reflect light like glass. You can use the mouse on your bed if you get tired to work on your desk. The mouse will run efficiently.

    This mouse has only one level of resolution of 1000 DPI which is quite adequate for most usage scenarios. With the sensitivity level, the cursor on the screen can move swiftly explore the interface of Windows, but not too quickly making it difficult for users who use a computer with a small screen. You can control pointer speed on your monitor.

  7. Use Logitech T630 Without Software

    Logitech T630 Touch Mouse comes without software, but you can download the Logitech Flow Scroll and SetPoint app from the manufacturer’s website. Flow Scroll makes scrolling movement on the internet site to be more smooth, not broken like if using the scroll wheel mouse in general. This software supports popular browsers like Mozilla, Opera, and other.

    Scrolling speed can arrange according to the rate of finger motion on the surface of the mouse. To get beautiful scrolling, move your finger slowly. Do directly to the top or bottom of a site’s page, wipe your finger quickly.  Software Set Point which installed to Logitech T630 Ultrathin Optical Touch Mouse is used to set parameters related to mouse usage.


Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630  with touch surface navigation with this finger feels unique and responsive when in use. However, the gesture of support provided just sweep your finger up/down and left/right, so there is no zoom feature on this mouse. You can buy Ultrathin Mouse T630 series with USD 85.

Logitech Corded Mouse, Low Cost But High Benefit

Logitech Corded Mouse

Logitech Corded Mouse – Logitech corded mouse is a product made by the world’s leading mouse manufacturer called Logitech. The company is engaged in the manufacture of computer hardware such as keyboards, speakers, headsets, and mouse. One of the most phenomenal product is a mouse. Its quality is not in doubt and is recognizing by almost all countries in the world.

Logitech Corded Mouse
Images: Logitech Corded Mouse

Produced Logitech mouse, reach all consumers. They create quality products that can be bought by the middle to lower class. One of its products, namely Logitech Corded Mouse M100 and all products under the brand M series. The price is very affordable, and the quality is guaranteed.

Specifications Logitech Corded Mouse

Although low cost, the developers still put the quality first so that consumers are not disappointed. Because many other products which offer little price but not accompanied by the excellent condition. Here are the specs Logitech Mouse M series.


  1. M Series Is A Wired Mouse

    Logitech M series is not a wireless device. But you do not need to worry because the cable contained in the body of the mouse will not interfere with your activities. For example, the sensitivity level Logitech Corded Mouse M125 is quite high. So with the smooth motion of the mouse can move well and you do not need to use a lot of space on your desk.

    Also, the ambidextrous mouse design uses a pattern that has a balance of form between the right and left sides. Thus, your wrist will not feel stiff when you have to use the mouse for long periods of time. Then an ergonomic design can become its attraction for consumers.

  2. Very Useful Mouse

    Although Logitech M Series looks like a regular mouse, its uses are numerous. You can use M series to complete everyday office work, play a medium game, or even be used to do a reasonably specific job such as creating a graphic design and creating an image pattern on the monitor.

  3. SetPoin System

    Another advantage of Logitech M100, namely the function of each key can set by using additional software called SetPoint Logitech made by themselves. You can download the software on a link that listed in the guidebooks. You can follow the steps that already exist on the attachment in the box.

    SetPoint enables you to customize the mouse buttons, keyboard F-keys, and hot-keys, control tracking speed and configure other devices with special arrangements. SetPoint software can also let you know about the battery status on the mouse, and tell whether the Caps Lock and Num Lock is on or off.

  4. Fleksibel Scroll Button

    Logitech M100 has a scroll button that can be pressing to the left or the right. The function of this scroll key you can change at will with the additional software Logitech. Merely navigate your spreadsheets and scroll horizontally into documents using the scroll wheel, and zoom in and out photos quickly with a single click.


This function is similar to Logitech Trackman Wheel Corded Mouse which makes users more comfortable when using the mouse. With these facilities, doing the job will be more simple and straightforward. So that various tasks can be completed quickly.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Review

In addition to the type M100, Logitech also still have a mouse version of the other no less sophisticated. The product is named Logitech Corded Mouse M500. Here are some reviews.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500
Images: Logitech Corded Mouse M500
  1. Do not Need To Install Software

    Logitech M500 Corded Mouse using a cable device, so you just only connect the mouse cable to the USB port and can be used immediately. Logitech parties also provide hardware limited warranty for this for three years. But actually, this mouse with Logitech offers a more extended durability.

    You can also enjoy cursor control that is responsive, flexible, fast and easy text selection thanks to the optical tracking with high definition of 1000 dpi. If your mouse cannot use, then file a warranty claim to the store where you bought the mouse during the warranty period has not been exhausted.

  2. Work On Almost All System Computer Operation

    Mouse Logitech M500 can use on your Windows-based PC, both Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Mac computers, Logitech M500 can use in minimal operating systems Mac OS X 10.4 and above. While on a Linux-based computer, this mouse can use on Linux Kernel 2.6 operating system and the latest version above.

  3. One Disadvantage Of Logitech M Series

    For the drawbacks on Logitech M series, the most noticeable is the button that is clicked to produce a loud sound. More precisely the louder sound produced is louder than the mouse or other products. For those of you who have a busy life as a gamer, this mouse does not seem to fit. Because the clicking sound it can interfere with concentration.

    Then the vital function scroll key that considered quite rude when they are new, but if it had been a long time this button will be okay. But the rest of this mouse has a good performance, primarily if used for office purposes. In addition to low prices, its use of power entirely extended can be up to five years.

  4. Friendly Cost

    Based on Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Review, the purchase price matches the quality of the mouse. There are even users who claim that the price is ‘less high’ because the performance is excellent. You can buy Logitech M series in computer device stores with the price range of USD 8 to USD 10. It is cheap, right?

  5. Easy To Find

    Logitech is a world-class hardware developer brand that already has an extensive product distribution. In almost all regions of the country have been provided a various device called Logitech. So, at your nearest shop can be found at affordable prices. However, only some stores that serve a warranty claim.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Specifications

General Product Information [Compliance Certification (CE) Link]
Warranty / Self Help Please see the product support page for warranty information and frequently asked questions.
Category Mouse
Software Support (at release) SetPoint 6.61 (mouse programmable)LCC version 3.51 (mouse programmable)
NOTE: If software is available, check website for latest software release.  
OS Support (at release) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS version 10.5+

Mouse Specifications

Connection Type USB (corded)
USB Protocol USB 2.0
USB Speed Low-speed
DPI Max: 1100
Software adjustable: No
Hardware adjustable: No
Sensor Type: Laser
Visible light: No
Scroll Wheel Vertical scroll: Hyper-fast
Left/Right tilt: Yes
Tilt Wheel function: Scroll left/right
Indicator Lights (LED) None
Standard & Special Buttons Standard buttons: Left & Right, Scroll Wheel Button, Thumb button, Tilt Wheel Buttons
Special buttons: None
Cable Length 6 feet or 1.85 meters

Product Dimensions

Product component Mouse
Width 69 mm (2.32 inch)
Depth/Length 126 mm (4.96 inch)
Height 42 mm (1.65 inch)
Weight 145 g (5.11 ounce)

Package Contents

Available Image(s) None
What is in the box Mouse, User documentation


Logitech corded mouse M series has many advantages as described above. But other versions of M500 and M100, there are different types such as Logitech M500 Corded Laser Mouse which has its specifications. You can visit the official website of Logitech for more information.

Logitech Darkfield Mouse Is Present For You

Logitech Darkfield Mouse

Logitech Darkfield Mouse – Logitech Darkfield Mouse is a new product from the international brand named Logitech. Now, a developer has provided convenience for Windows computer users as well as Mac. The product in question is a wireless mouse that can be used either for Windows-based computers or Mac computers. You can call it as Logitech Wireless Mouse Darkfield.

Logitech Darkfield Mouse
Images: Logitech Darkfield Mouse

Based on its official website, Logitech says that the latest wireless mouse named Darkfield wireless mouse can use on various types of Windows versions. Of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8+. As for the Mac computer, this mouse device supports Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Besides, there still exist other advantages which show the new product.


Advantage Of Logitech Darkfield Mouse

Every version of Logitech’s mouse always has different advance of each other. And for this one, a point of attraction on this mouse is Darkfield laser tracking technology. The developer claims Logitech enables the mouse to use on various types of surfaces. For more information, see some sentences below.


  1. Able To Use In Three In One Mode

    Every one person may have many devices at once, and often the tools of the different OS. Each device usually uses a separate mouse. If you have three pcs in the office, then there are three mice as well, each of which is connecting to the PC. It precisely is not efficient and too much to wasting time. For now, you do not to have joined your device one by one.

    With Master MX Wireless Mouse, you can use a mouse to a maximum of three devices at once. To move from one device to another device, you just use the button on the side of the mouse. This mouse supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.x, and Mac OS X 10.8 and above. So, you can save your time and indeed it so helpful to finish your task.

  2. Long Life Battery

    One thing that is quite rarely owned by another mouse is the MX Master Wireless Mouse does not use an external battery but has an internal battery that can be charging via a USB port. One time charge can make this mouse last used up to 40 days usage. If you still have a warranty card, you do not to worry cause battery is including into warranty list.

    In addition to being an excess of this feature also becomes Logitech Darkfield Mouse Problems. Along with the length of use, this internal battery has the potential to low and make its endurance will continue to decline over time. However, the cell can repair on computer accessories shop reliable.

  3. Use The Latest Darkfield Sensor

    Based on Logitech Performance Mx Wireless Darkfield Mouse Review talks by a delegation of developer on product launching event.  Logitech MX Anywhere 2 features the leading Darkfield Laser Sensor that can track any surface including glass. Having a compact design and contoured shape, so it is effortless to carry into your office wherever and whenever.

    Its small size is straightforward to insert into the bag, and the rubber mouse surface has its comfort when used for long periods of time. This product can be one of the mouse recommendations that you can use every day. Besides, Logitech Darkfield Wireless Mouse very flexible and it is also efficient to use in any media.

  4. Dual Connectivity And Easy Switch System

    The main Logitech Performance Mx Wireless Darkfield Mouse is dual-connectivity. Logitech Darkfield Wireless Mobile Mouse can connect to Windows or Mac computers with Pico Unifying Receiver or via Bluetooth Smart technology. So you can pair MX Anywhere 2 to three devices at once, and with a little touch on the Logitech Easy-Switch button.

    Also, the user can switch from one device to another so that it can act independently on a PC or laptop. But they should install Logitech Darkfield Mouse Software first. Scroll wheel has two features hyper-fast scrolling technology for convenient scrolling of documents or long web pages and switches to the click-to-click mode for more precise navigation.

  5. Anti Mainstream Design

    Logitech Darkfield Mouse has a design which not same as regular mouse. On the left side of the thumb position inward. So also on the right, just not as thick as the left. In addition to making a tight grip on the mouse, this curvature also serves as anchoring our fingers so as not tired when using the mouse. Same with rest palm function on the keyboard.

    In the mouse body, there are several buttons for setting the macros. Despite having macros it not to focus on gaming alone. Logitech Anywhere Mx Darkfield Mouse is suitable also for gaming. A macro that exists on the left mouse serves as the next and prev buttons for the music player. If you are fond of tweaking macros, this little button can use as a macro in the game.

  6. Wireless Masterpiece

    You do not have to worry about wireless problem. The developer already experiences in making wireless devices. There is an opinion that the slower wireless technology of sending and receiving commands to the computer. Cause this is why mouse and keyboard rarely use wireless gaming. But you will not feel the difference in delivery delay commands than wires.

  7. Install The App To Maximize It Function

    Darkfield Logitech Mouse can use on various surfaces and even glass. Unfortunately, it took a bit of learning to be able to maximize the receiver. You should read the guide provided Logitech on his website. Not to mention, you also need to update the receiver driver and its mouse driver. Necessarily, this device is not a plug and play device.

    When you want to maximize the function of the mouse, you can install several applications relating to the performance of the mouse on Logitech Darkfield Mouse Driver. If installing process is finish, a lot of new experience you will feel through Darkfield Mouse.


If you curious and want to know more information about Logitech Darkfield Mouse, please visit an official website and other links which talks about Logitech Darkfield Mouse. And the last point, you can buy it with USD 80 to 90 and different price depending on the country.

The Best Logitech Marathon Mouse In 2018

Logitech Marathon Mouse

Logitech Marathon Mouse – Logitech marathon mouse is one of the sophisticated products made by the company of world-class computer accessories. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse has many advantages that do not exist by the ordinary mouse such as super sensitive sensors so that with just a touch of a few pointers on the monitor can move quickly.

Logitech Marathon Mouse

What user opinion about Logitech Marathon Mouse?

Some people do not doubt the quality of products offered by Logitech companies. From the keyboard, mouse, speakers, until the hard drive has a high quality can obtain quickly. Here are some user opinions about Logitech Marathon Mouse Review.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705
Images: Logitech Marathon Mouse M705
  1. Can Use In Any Media

    Logitech products are mainly Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Wireless Laser has the advantage that is rarely shared by other products. One of them has sensitivity. A mouse that can be said to be sensitive not only seen from the pause between movements with the monitor, or mouse with the easy-touch system.

    Sensitive categories can also be embedded in Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse because the base equipped with darkfield Laser Sensor. Thus, this mouse can be used on any surface, even glass and leather. So users do not need to use mouse-pad when deciding to use Marathon mouse.

  2. User Holds Full Control

    Based on the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 Review done by the developer, marathon puts the function of the button on the mouse. The scroll wheel has a super fast but easily controlled system. Then on the body mouse, there are four pieces of thumb buttons that can offer to programme by the wishes.

  3. Easy To Connect

    Using the Marathon mouse is easy. Plug your connector into computer or PC, then use it. But if you want to enable unifying system then you can install it first Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Software. By unifying, you can connect multiple devices at the same time.

    You can install the software through the official website or by using Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Driver. But if the device you have is a notebook, then you should use the first way. Just follow some of the procedures listed on your monitor screen.

  4. Long Life Battery And Warranty

    The power used to operate the mouse does not use a cylindrical battery. But the cells are rechargeable. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3 Year Battery Life so no need to remove the battery every power out. Just plug the USB into the provided hole and leave it for a moment.

    Then, the warranty period is long enough. If the mouse cannot work, then you can claim a warranty on the store where you bought. Warranty time is given for three years from the day of purchase Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3-Year Battery Life. If the warranty period runs out, then you can not claim.

Technical Specification of Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705

Some of the points above are the specifications of Logitech in general. Then the details will technically be reviewed in the following words.


  1. Logitech Mouse Marathon Dimension

    Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Laser Mouse has a width of 3.29 inch, a length of 5.05 inch and a height of 1.85 inches. A Marathon mouse is not much different from another mouse. Then, a form that is not too large allows users to carry the mouse anywhere.

    At the back of the mouse, there is a place to keep the receiver, so it is not easy to lose. Many wireless mouse incidents that the receiver is missing. So to anticipate, made a particular room. Based on Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Review, this design is beneficial especially for users who quickly forget.

  2. Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse Receiver Dimension

    Logitech Marathon M705 Mouse receivers have tiny size but become the primary function of Marathon mouse. This connector has a length of 0.57 inch, width 0.74 inches, and height 0.24 inch. The shape resembles a USB head. Then, the receiver equipped with Darkfield sensor laser technology with a variable resolution of 1000 DPI.

  3. Buttons Specification

    Logitech marathon mouse series is not the same as another mouse that only has three main buttons. But Logitech’s output mouse has nine buttons along with super fast button access. So this mouse is very responsive characterized by a pause between movement and pointer on the mouse is only 0.0001 seconds.

    But despite having a pretty good performance, this mouse is not including hardware accessories that consume a lot of power. Battery tightness embedded in the mouse can last up to more than a day. Also, the battery usage period Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3 Year Battery Life).

  4. Soft Scroll Wheel

    The scroll wheel on the mouse also uses super-fast sensor technology, but the user can still control the speed because the system has easy control set. However based on Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse Review, his mouse was at the beginning of a hard and difficult to control. The new scroll wheel feels soft after being used several times.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Price

After reading some pretty detailed specs about the marathon mouse above, there are some readers who are curious about the price of Marathon Mouse. Below are some pricing details related to Marathon Mouse.


  1. Logitech Marathon Mouse Price

    Some of the special features provided by the Logitech Marathon Mouse developer impact on the selling price. But do not worry, this mouse has a price that is still relatively cheap. A complete set of mouse is priced around USD 60 to USD 65. This price is certainly different in every country.

  2. Logitech Marathon Mouse Driver And Receiver

    If you need a driver to install software Marathon mouse, then you can buy it at a price of about USD 30. Then, in addition to the driver, Logitech receivers usually provide a backup in case the original is lose the receiver. The selling price given by the developer is USD 40.

Marathon Mouse m705 Specifications


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Chrome OS™
Mac® OS X 10.4 or later
USB Port



Mouse size: (height x width x depth): 2.6 x 4.3 x 1.6 in; 70.0 x 109.0 x 40 mm
Mouse weight: 4.8 oz; 135 g
Sensing method : Invisible laser
Resolution dpi: 1000
Image processing capacity inches per second : 20
Buttons: 8 (including horizontal scrolling)
Scroll Wheel : Yes ( fast scrolling function)
Horizontal scroll : Yes
Battery: 2- AA type batteries
Battery life: 3 years maximum3
Operation distance : about 32 ft; 10m3
Wireless system : Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology
Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome OS
Connection I / F: USB


  Logitech® Marathon Mouse M705
Quick-start guide
2 AA Batteries
Logitech® Unifying receiver
Logitech® Mouse & Keyboard Personalizer Software CD


  3-year Limited hardware warranty


  PN: 910-001935


That’s all the review about Logitech marathon mouse that has a variety of advantages over another mouse. For more information, you can visit a nearby store to be able to assess the performance of Logitech Marathon Mouse directly.

Logitech New Mouse For Gaming Resolution

Logitech New Mouse

Logitech New Mouse – Logitech New Mouse is present its mainstay product named Logitech New Gaming Mouse. The gaming mouse is identical to its large size, its intricate design, and its many buttons. Sometimes that’s the point of weakness of a mouse because of too many innovations and gimmick embedded in it. So make the price of the mouse to be above average and not many gamers who use it.

Logitech New Mouse


Too many features also sometimes make its barrier because not necessarily all the features that are in it it will be used by gamers. Well, this is what may be the basis of Logitech to design one of its gaming mice is Logitech G400s. Check out a brief review of Logitech G400s below.


New Logitech Mouse G400 Type

Gaming mouse has a unique feature on its system and shape. For example, on its body is exist many buttons up to 20 pcs. The purpose is to change a keyboard function. Besides, there is still any particular feature that gives the developer to a user.What is that? See some points below.

New Logitech Mouse G400
Images: New Logitech Mouse G400
  1. Different Design And Feature

    When viewed from the side of connectivity and other supporting features, the mouse does not have a significant difference. However, the standard mouse wears a USB cable connection to conventional designs anyway. In contrast to the gaming mouse prefer the design attractive and mostly using a Bluetooth connection.

    The most distinguishing, on a gaming mouse macros several keys can be programmed as needed, especially during play. For example contained in Prolink brands PMG9801L gaming mouse, Prolink EGA, X-G510 Genius, Genius X-G500 and many others.

  1. Comfort To Use

    Logitech G400s have the same design as the best gaming mouse in general, with textured arch on the right and left mouse to make us comfortable when holding hands. The body is quite long and wide make or claw grip palm species can comfortably use. Not many buttons on this mouse also make Logitech g400s had plenty of space to attach our hands.

  1. G400 Has 8 Buttons That Support Your Game

    Gaming mouse on the market has 11 buttons, but in Logitech G400s we will only see eight buttons that are right click and left click scroll. Two extra buttons on the left for the thumb, a button on top of the scroll wheel and two buttons below the scroll wheel. Then, the two pins closest to the scroll wheel are the buttons used to change the sensitivity of the DPI.

    Two buttons located on the right side for us by default thumb function to act back and next. 2 buttons discount of different sizes, the distance between them wide enough so that we would not be wrong to distinguish. So, when you are playing a game with this mouse, you don’t to have adapted for a long time to habituate with your new Logitech mouse.

  1. The New Logitech Mouse Feature

    Logitech G400s delivers the right features of gaming mouse on the market but does not exaggerate with the features it offers. Like any other Logitech mouse, we can also use Logitech Gaming Software to store profiles and program every available button. But the difference with the different mouse, the G400 has fewer functional buttons.

    One thing that should underline from this mouse is that it does not have an internal profile. So if the user wants to use this mouse on another computer, then it should program the button again manually. Or the user must import his profile from the computer where we first programmed this mouse. Of course, it takes time and energy.

Logitech New Mouse Specification

Some sentences above is a review about New Logitech Gaming Mouse in general. Some text below is specification about gaming mouse.


  1. New Gaming Mouse Performance

    Logitech G400s has a high performance in several games that Nixiagamer tests like Titanfall, COD Advanced Warfare, DOTA 2, Thief and also Shadow of Mordor. On the game’s FPS gaming mouse can function adequately, aiming can do quickly and efficiently, lift-off test even passed with a right mouse.

    As for the game skill-based games, this mouse is still able to function properly, only for a game like this game, it has many shortcut keys in the mouse is a distinct advantage, and with this mouse, we can not have it. Quite apart from that, the Logitech G400s have a good performance and is suitable for all types of consumer playstyle.

  1. Macro System

    In gaming mouse and keystroke, macros feature is essential, because the function provides a game mode that will play. For example, when you play fighter games then some of your moves can be saved through the macro feature. So the formula will be stored in the macro system.

    The keystroke is a step every input of a character in a game. For example, when we press the X button once, then the keystroke will bring up some X menu that varies. It cannot find in the ordinary mouse that in fact serves only as a medium of supporting the effectiveness of the work.

  1. LED Sensor As Additional Features

    Gaming mouse has additional features and effects, such as sensitivity to improve performance when the mouse operate, so that the game does not become slow or graphics look bad. Or system Easy-Touch LED and laser sensors so that the mouse is more sensitive to movement of the hand when playing games.

    By the way, the purpose of the LED laser mouse sensors on Logitech Mouse New type G400 has a function to help detect during acceleration. And lastly, memory on board that serves as a storage medium a variety of characters or moments in every game, so to get it, you just need to click once, and everything just goes.


General Product Information: [Compliance Certification (CE) Link]
Warranty / Self Help See product support page for warranty duration and frequently asked questions
Category Mouse
Product type Wired
Software Support Logitech Gaming Software: Version 8.00 and higherNOTE: Check website for latest software release
OS Support Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

Mouse Specifications:

USB Protocol USB 1.x
USB Speed Full-speed
Connector Type USB
DPI 3600 Max, Hardware Adjustable, Software Adjustable
Sensor Type Optical, Light is visible, Color: Red
Onboard Memory No hardware memory profiles
Scroll Wheel Vertical Scroll Type:,Regular, Supports Horizontal: No
Indicator Lights N/A
Connect / Power N/A
Battery Type and Size N/A
Battery Life N/A

Package Contents:

What is in the box Mouse, User documentation

Product Dimensions:

Product component Width Depth/Length Height Weight
Mouse 73mm (2.87 inch) 131mm (5.16 inch) 43mm (1.69 inch) 137g (4.83 ounce)


That’s all explanation about Logitech New Mouse for the gamer. There are many other games first mouse produced by Logitech. Therefore, to add a reference, you can visit the official website of Logitech and other sources. Or you can visit the store nearest computer device to assess right gaming mouse G400 and others.

The New Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is made explicitly for all the gamers around the world. It has some different looks from another mouse. Logitech Gaming Mouse G600 MMO has a programmable button to play a game Logitech Gaming Mouse G600 MMO, especially for games based on MMO Massively  Multiplayer Online.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
Images: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

With speacial features that give by the developer, every user will not feel stiff when they touch the mouse for a long time. G600 have 20 programmable program button that changes your 12 key mapped on your default keyboard maps. So, the users do not to have used their couple hands. Just move some finger to make a significant play. The developer sells it on USD 80.


What The Advantages Of Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse?

G600 can be a unique gift that made by the developer to a game addict. So, indeed have different benefits than another mouse which always uses in daily. In this point, will explain about some of G600 type advantages.


  1. Support To Play A Great Game

    Logitech Mouse 600 series is dedicating to gamers from its design system. It designed by 20 programmable buttons that divided as 12 thumb buttons backlight with RGB LEDs, three first finger buttons, and complete with a scroll button with a tilt. Besides has a futuristic design, Logitech G600 has an onboard memories that can held three profiles a the same time and 8200 DPI sensor laser.

    Also, G600 series is equipping by an extra button that sits below the pinky. Then, the scroll wheel can rotate to the left and right to make your standard button action when push down it. In another word, if you use G600 mouse, you will have the best playing games experience in the MMO competition, and you actually will enjoy it.

  1. Advance Software System And Simple To Use

    When you have a smart mouse, surely you should install an application first before using it. You can install Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Software depending on your mouse type. If you have to try a software named Razer’s Synapse, you must angry cause the system harsh. Never match Logitech G600 with it except you want your mouse doesn’t work.

    On the first page after you download Logitech G600 series app will show some instruction to teach you how to use your G600. After you got it, you will prepare a few tricks including to do an auto-detection system on your hard Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Driver. So if you have to get a right way to use it, you can switch your computer layout automatically.

  1. Support For Game Competition

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is a mouse that is designed well for lovers of hard disk MMC and casual games. This mouse is different from other rivals making it superior, one of which is low price tagging and makes sense. For gamers, the budget is not a matter problem. They always put forward about feel comfortable when playing a game.

    For them, cannot comfortable grip mice are the main problem. Besides, if the mouse does not serve the function of user expectations, will make consumer disappointed. So it requires a mouse with the desired specifications. Otherwise, in the running game, especially in the significant competition will not be easy.

  1. With G600, User Can Leave Their Keyboard

    There are times when standard peripherals are incapable of supporting the needs of MMORPG gamers, especially if they have to engage in a fast combat rhythm or PvP that demands a more efficient and efficient response. Keyboards with so many buttons are sometimes confusing and “trap.”

    With their Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse G600, the use of the keyboard at least can be reducing. Because this mouse already has all the necessary buttons when playing games. So gamers just stayed only move his fingers.

  1. Complete With User Interface

    The user-interface has to offer driver gives you the opportunity to “build” a mouse that you want quickly. Not only that, the presence of the G-shift creates an alternative mode automatically, duplicate all the functionality of Logitech’s G600. By holding down this one button, you can access the second function of every existing profile.

    But to get used to the G-Shift key takes a long time entirely. Since the button is locating next to the right click button, chances are you miss-click to be very large because of its location is quite far away. You can use the ring finger to press it but needs adaptation. At the first time, you may regularly have a missed click on your mouse, but it will disappear as time flies.

  1. High Sensitivity And Accurate

    Although the shortcut function via the macro button is not very necessary, the sensitivity, accuracy, and response speed of the switch can doing from these games. The result did not disappoint, Logitech G600 can “dance” along with a character that you control. This, of course, makes it a reliable gaming mouse.

    If you try on an extreme scale, you can even play this DC Universe Online well just relying on mouse and customizations that you build. Based on professional gamers about Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review, all the skills, items, quests, and various functions typically accessed through the keyboard can do with a button in the massive amount included for it.

  1. G600 Is Available In Two Color

    MMO gaming mouse type G600 is available in two colors. The first one is Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Black. It dominates the color of the mouse, and there is a touch of light blue line. If you choose a black mouse, the excess G600 will not own easy to get dirty because of the dirt on user’s hands.

    The second one, there are Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse White. Mouse’s body is dominating with white color and several touch light grey line around its back. When you choose everything that has white color, you must know about the consequence. It easy to dirty.


Some text above about Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse are explained in general. For more information, you can visit Logitech website. And the last point for your information, G600 is one of best seller device hardware

Logitech MMO Mouse For Gamer

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Black and White

Logitech MMO MouseLogitech MMO mouse is made to meet the needs, especially for gamers. A gamer who has been competing for international must support the quality of the device used. Logitech G600 MMO Mouse can be one of the mainstays that can use during the fight.

Logitech MMO Mouse
Images: Logitech MMO Mouse

Online gaming competitions are now widely performed. Many people, especially teenagers who become participants. Prize awarded for the winner large enough can reach up to USD1000 even more. Therefore, developers try to meet the needs of gamers one of them by issuing a product named Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse G600.


Performa Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Mouse to play the game, of course, different from the usual mouse is using at the office. Gaming mouse specifically designed to facilitate the gamers when playing games, especially online games are quite complicated. Here is the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review.


Logitech G600 Mmo Gaming Mouse
Images: Logitech G600 Mmo Gaming Mouse
  1. Producing For Change A Keyboard

    Online gaming is one of the types of games of today that require specialized skills. If you play an MMO expert, will be a lot of money which is achieving due to the many international-level competition between the professional game players. When playing games, it takes skill, precision, and accuracy of pressing buttons on the keyboard.

    For a gamer, the high price is not a problem. For them, talks quality and performance is more important than price. Cause of that developer uses this chance to make the best product which compared to its cost. So, the consumer will not feel disappointing when buying a product with high price cause it matches with quality.

  1. For Hard Game

    When playing an international game, it is impossible to use the keyboard with two hands for long periods of time. If the finger is wrong pressing the keyboard button, the result can be fatal even you lose in the competition. Also, too-frequently used keyboards will also result in rapid damage.

    Therefore, Logitech Gaming Mouse G600 MMO is present to reduce the losses caused by the use of the keyboard. In addition to durable, G600 also has a highly reliable performance when used for gaming in the long term. Cause it is designing for it.

  1. Neatly Arranged Buttons

    Unlike the other mouse design, the Logitech G600 has a lot of buttons on the mouse body. Almost 20 buttons neatly arranged on the front that serves as a substitute for keyboard keys. Also, three central switches function as a standard mouse equipped with a scroll wheel.

    Match game that lasts for hours supported 20 button mouse that can provide excellent service although used for more than 10 hours. Also, Logitech MMO Mouse G600 capable of giving shoot and pressure up to 1000 times per minute. Nowadays a lot of gamers who use this mouse to match.

  1. Unified System Technology

    Logitech G600 mouse using unified technology that allows multiple devices to be connected at one time as well. Also, the connector that will not damage the signal around. It has been tested by experts before it distributing. It is conceivable if the connector can make a weak signal, whereas MMO requires signal stability.

    Then, if your computer supports the mouse, there is no need to install Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Software. Because of the automatic device and a computer mouse will connecting. Additional new applications are needed when the computer or your PC does not support automatically to the Logitech G600.

  1. Easy To Running The App

    When you have installed the application using Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Driver, then on the home screen will be displayed some instructions. If you do not understand the correct use of the mouse, can follow the steps provided by the application. Even in it have provided a detailed explanation of the function of each button on the mouse.

Other Information About Logitech MMO Mouse

Some text above are general reviews. Then other information about MMO Logitech mouse will discuss in several words below.


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Black and White
Images: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Black and White
  1. Available in two color choices

    Logitech G600 version is available in a choice of colors. Both have an elegant design. First, Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse White certainly has a white base color. In the middle, there is a developer logo accompanied by elongated vertical lines. Then all of the buttons attached to black.

    Then the second one is Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Black. Almost the same as the Logitech G600 white, but the difference is that this one is all mouse body dominated by black color. Only the keystrokes are white. But the black keyboard is perfect for gamers men.

  1. Lightweight Use

    The mouse is using for office activities have the structure and workings are quite rigid. Sensitivity is weak or too hard to click. In contrast to the gaming mouse specifically designed. This mouse has a high sensitivity and not strict. Also, the constituent elements are also not the same as a regular mouse.

    However, Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse is not equipped with a touch-sensitive system. So when using it takes a lot of space, especially if the user is an aggressive person. It would be better if the G600 is equipped with a sensitive sensor as implemented in the Logitech Ultrathin mouse. But the rest, the performance of the G600 is no doubt.

  1. Anti-Slip

    The primary ingredient manufacture MMO Mouse Logitech consists of fiber mixed with rubber few percent. The developer combines the material so that the mouse is not slippery when used over long periods of time. When the hand for hours to make contact with the mouse, it will automatically be sweating.

    If the mouse material is not mixing with the rubber hand would easily slip because of slippery. Then the excess Logitech Mouse MMO other gaming that can still be used even without a mouse pad. Sensors on the bottom are susceptible it can also be used on the skin surface, the walls and the uneven surface though.


Logitech MMO mouse this distribution has reached to almost the entire country. So it is already in the encounter at the store computer accessories with prices not far from the developer. But should buy at the official store and reliable to avoid fraud. That’s all about Logitech MMO Mouse Review.

Logitech Ultrathin Mouse 2018

Logitech Ultrathin Mouse

Logitech Ultrathin MouseLogitech ultrathin mouse di design to windows. These mouse functions join the trackpad. Since Apple changed the trackpad function, many users are switching when using the mouse. They prefer to use the trackpad instead of the regular mouse. Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 For Mac regarding form and function has a feature that is different from the usual mouse.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631
Images: Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 White

The different between trackpad mouse and regular mouse is, the hand does not need to move with the weight because with just a little touch can move the cursor on the monitor. So the mouse like this is suitable for people who are a bit lazy. Based on Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse Review which talks by professional, ultrathin can be the best mouse ever for nowadays.


Logitech Ultrathin Mouse
Images: Logitech Ultrathin Mouse Navigation

Benefit Of Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

Sophistication Ultrathin Logitech Mouse lies in the operating system and its futuristic shape. If you’ve never used it, this mouse does not look like the device accessories but more to portable wifi for android. What are the advantages?


  1. Save More Space

    When you are going to travel especially on a working visit that requires a laptop and all its device, would require a lot of space. Inside the bag must carry a laptop charger, pointer, and mouse. If your briefcase is too full to charge with a computer device, then you can reduce the space by using a thin mouse.

    Logitech T630 Ultrathin Optical Touch Mouse has a slim design. Dimensions of his length of 2.32 inches, 3.35 inches wide and 0.71 inches high. So with a small shape, it is possible to place the mouse on the briefcase just tucked on the side. Also, it weighs only 70 grams, so it does not make the load becomes heavy.

  1. Don’t Need A Movement, Just Touch It

    When you use a regular mouse, reflex, you have to move your hands so that the cursor moves on the monitor. It does not apply to Ultrathin mouse. If you use a Logitech mouse is the last version, you can save energy while working in front of a computer screen.

    Logitech Mouse Ultrathin using sensor technology that can make users comfortable. Cause the mouse is used only by passing through a touch, without having to move the wrist. So no need to require a lot of space on the table and of course very save energy.

  1. Unifying System

    Unifying technology has widely applied in many hardware devices. One of the unifying advantages of being able to connect multiple devices at a time. Also, you do not need to install software using the driver if your laptop or computer has the support of the mouse.

    However, if your device cannot connect with the mouse, then steps must be done to install software or mouse application has been recommended in the manual. Just follow the steps and the procedures gradually.

Review About Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630

The ultrathin mouse was dividing into several versions, one of which is T360. Each version has advantages that highlighted. Below will be reviewed Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 Review based on consumer ratings.


Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 Review
Images: Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 Controller
  1. Simple And Easy To Use

    Ultrathin T630 connects the computer with the mouse using Bluetooth technology. Also, the wireless mouse equipped with an Easy-Touch system that could allow users to swipe navigation between Ultrabook with a desktop just by pressing one button.

  1. Sensitive Sensor

    The sensor technology applied in Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Mouse is very sophisticated. The mouse can recognize the level of touch given by the user very quickly. The slight bit can affect the monitor screen. Besides, the Logitech Ultrathin T630 series is no need to use a mouse pad.

    The regular mouse does not have a sensor with high sensitivity. For example, a lot of mice found in stores software quality is not good. For example, a mouse cannot be moved or pauses between movements with the cursor on the screen longer. In anticipation of fraud, you should try it first before buying.

  1. Ergonomic

    Sensor technology coupled with a very dynamic design, making Logitech Ultrathin the best product. All sophistication combined with an ergonomic shape product can attract users. The plan is very futuristic and elegant, so it is very convenient when used primarily in the office.

Advance Of Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631

Mainly Logitech T631 Ultrathin Touch Mouse does not have much difference with the T630 type. But several things make it more unique than other types.


Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631
Images: Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631
  1. Long Life Guarantee

    All the original products Logitech comes with a warranty. The goal is to protect consumers when purchased goods are defective. Unlike other Logitech products, Logitech ultrathin mouse it has a more extended warranty period, which is up to 3 years. Consumers can claim a warranty at the store where he bought the mouse.

  1. Long Life Battery

    Logitech T631 is a wireless mouse. Typically battery power use removable. In this version, you do not need to remove the battery mouse. If the power runs out, then steps can be done is by charging like on the phone. Depending on Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 Review, it is more practical than having to use a cylindrical battery.

Price’s Logitech Ultrathin Mouse

Logitech has several products sold in the market at a price that varied according to the features provided. For the Logitech Ultrathin version issued two types T630 and T631, each of which has different rates.


  1. Logitech T630 Ultrathin Touch Mouse Price

    Developers sell for $ 80 to 90 for the Logitech Ultrathin T630 type. Technology, features, and all the excellent facilities provided by the T630 to the user is considering feasible if the price is quite high. However, based on Logitech Ultrathin Mouse Review, its charging system is not as sophisticated T631.

  1. Price of Ultrathin T631

    You can buy this mouse at a price of USD 100 to 110. Although the same version, but the Logitech T631 and T630 have different rates. It is because the T631 applied a bit more sophisticated technology. The difference lies in the battery used. T61 uses a charging system for charging the battery.


That some of the reviews regarding the latest version of Logitech Ultrathin Mouse in 2017. You can find more information on the website or another source. But, do not readily believe that if there is an offer price of Logitech Ultrathin is not normal, because it could be a fraud.

New Technology Of Logitech Trackball Mouse

Logitech Trackball Mouse

Logitech Trackball Mouse – Some people think that Logitech trackball mouse the latest version is same as before. But everyone should know that Logitech Trackball Marble Mouse the new version is a definite difference between before. Logitech products have own feature depending on mouse types. But for all, the developer was applying high technology to get user’s satisfaction.

Logitech Trackball Mouse
Images: Logitech Trackball Mouse

All Logitech mouse in recent years carries optical technologies. But interestingly, after seven years, Logitech now revive the mouse with trackball technology through a product called MX Ergo, and it is the latest version of  Trackball Mouse Logitech. According to Logitech, this wireless mouse offers high comfort and precision. Further information, check out the article below.


MX Ergo Logitech Trackball Mouse Type

The latest version mouse which has a trackball was producing by Logitech in 2010 ago. Logitech Mouse Trackball does have the impression of ‘old style’ but people still love it. And now MX Ergo mouse was present for you.


  1. User Can Adjust The Mouse Trackball

    Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball is supported by the button to reduce the speed of tracking or cursor as needed quickly. MX Ergo has a hinge to change the position of the mouse to a maximum slope of 20 degrees. It will help users find the most comfortable place so that the wrist does not tire move while working for a long time.

  2. Easy And Durable Use

    Logitech MX Ergo is a wireless mouse. So to connect to a PC, the user can use a Bluetooth connection or through a receiver. You can download it via Logitech Wireless Mouse Trackball downloader. Built-in battery can last up to 4 months. So you do not often to remove the mouse’s battery.

  3. Unifying USB System

    Ergo MX is a wireless mouse, can connect to the laptop via Bluetooth or USB unifying receiver. So, the mouse can be relating to two systems at once. Logitech Trackball Mouse Wireless MX Ergo is also equipped with Logitech Flow technology, enabling us to copy and paste text, images, and files from one PC to another PC.

    Besides, Logitech Thumb Trackball Mouse was present by the developer on this series. You can find the thumb button in front of the mouse. Ergo MX design can reduce hand muscle tension up to 20 percent compared to an ordinary mouse. Furthermore, you can change the accuracy and speed level via a small button near the trackball.

  4. Friendly Price

    The developer does not offer a high cost to their advance product. Logitech Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball Mouse type MX Ergo scheduled to go on sale later this year at a price of $ 99.99 to $ 110. The price is still quite affordable considering quite a lot of exciting features it offers. Besides, you can easily find it in computer hardware stores.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse Features

By reading the article above, you have too little bit know about the latest version product from Logitech. And in this point will describe about Logitech Trackball Mouse M570 features that still exist nowadays.


Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse M570
Images: Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse M570
  1. Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse M570 Is The Best Responsive Movement

    The first point of Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse Review is very responsive movement is either a flat surface or not. Even if it does not use any mouse pad mouse can still be used.

    So, fingers do not get tired when having to click browsing or drag when using a design or editing application. The mouse feels quite light, so it is suitable for reasonably high mobility and not to take up much space when put in the bag. If you find a problem with your mouse, please contact Logitech 910-001799 M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse.

  2. It has Unifying Technology System.

    Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Mouse can be used after connecting with a Logitech wireless keyboard. But must first be installed free Logitech Unifying software then detected one by one wireless device that wants to be connecting through nano receiver. You don’t need a lot receiver that plugged into laptop or PC.

  3. Logitech Trackball Mouse M570 Has A Simple Design

    Logitech Trackball Wireless Mouse is a place to put the nano receiver so that it can prevent me not easily lost. At the top, in the middle of the mouse if we notice there is a small indicator light green when lit serve as a marker when the mouse is in sleep mode.

    So when you forget to turn off your mouse when not in use, Logitech trackball mouse will light up in the dark. You will not be difficult to find a mouse even when things are off the lights. For your information, if your mouse does not work as described above can contact center Logitech 910 001799 M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse.

Super Comfortable Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse Trackman Series

If you have read about Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse and MX Ergo you should imagine how trackball mouse design. Logitech developer always make an innovation to make the user feel curious about their product. For example, trackman series has difference design which has its function. What the difference?


  1. Trackman Mouse Is Durable To Use

    This mouse must use a quality alkaline batteries, and the equivalent for their performance is maintaining. Until now this mouse still I use to be paired with the PC. Due to wear browsing, application design, and image processing. Trackman mouse is one version of Logitech Trackball Mouse Wired.

  2. Best Product From Logitech Wired Trackball Mouse

    Cursor ball design with a broad head and gentle curves make your hand comfortably, and you can freely use the right or left side for use. Trackman wired mouse saves your space and desk even if it has cable. Besides, Logitech Trackball Mouse Driver has a high technology system.

  3. Multifunction Mouse Trackball Logitech

    Trackman designed as an alternative to the MX Masters series S2. There are many similarities between the two features. The buttons back/ forward that can be customized, the concept of similar design and features support for multi-computer Logitech Flow. So it is Logitech Ergonomic Mouse Trackball ever.


You can find Logitech trackball mouse varies in the store with various price. For more information about the latest update technology system device, you can call service center on Logitech 910-001799 M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse or visit its website.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 For Your Gadget Accessories

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325Logitech wireless mouse M325 is a wireless mouse. M325 is a device that can give you a sense of comfort in use with your laptop. It is producing in 2013 until now. It means M325 Logitech Wireless Mouse is one of some ‘old product.’ The mouse used old technology, until today M325 still in demand by consumers. One of some reason is caused by it has a low price.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325
Images: Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

With wireless connection, you can freely place the mouse anywhere you like. No need to do any complicated setup or installation software for this mouse, merely Plug & Play and the mouse is automatically ready to be installed on your laptop. In another word, you don’t need to Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Driver.  What the advantage of Logitech M325?


The Eminence Of Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

When the old product still needed in the market, it means that the product has the advantage. As well as Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse M325. Although the mouse is an old product, still many people are using it.


Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse
Images: Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse
  1. Comfortable Design

    If you like browsing, Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 With Designed For Web Scrolling may be one of recommendation for you. Cause with its compact design. This mouse is ideal to support your any activity with your computer, include work.

    The mouse’s body follows the shape curve of the hand so it can be used both for right-handed or left-handed. The right and left mouse there is a layer such as rubber, so it does not feel slippery when used. Cause of that Logitech Wireless M325 Mouse has an ergonomic design, and it has to recognized by some people who know about design.

  2. Don’t Need To Install App

    The usage is quite easy, just plug the nano receiver into a USB port on your pc or laptop then slide the on/off button under the mouse to the on mode. Then, the mouse can already use without having to use Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Driver Download. Its use is straightforward.

    Wireless Mouse Logitech M325 Receiver already supports to be used as the receiver up to 6 wireless devices at once in 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. But must first be installed free Logitech Unifying software then detected one by one wireless device that wants to be connecting through nano receiver.

  3. High Performa

    M325 does not provide Hyper-fast scrolling feature which called Logitech “Micro-exact scrolling.” Technical differences that occur between the two bit unclear. But the M325 can be rolled very smoothly. Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 With Designed-For-Web Scrolling may help you when doing activity in front of your computer.

    Besides, it also has a role that is barely visible, the excess, and you can scroll with a very smooth like glass that cannot be founding in hyper-fast. It can take you to get used to it with high performance. Thus you can master the mouse well. Based on testimony about Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse Review, over 60 percent user was satisfied with those mouse type.

Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Color Choose

To get a users satisfaction, the developer was designing M325 in several colors. Each color is depending on the Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Price. The text below is the color choices that served by Logitech Inc.


  1. Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse Dark Silver Series

    The colors on the mouse of this type are different from the others. Elegant and futuristic impression derived from this dark gray color could make the M325 sold out. Also, the selling price is also not too high, which is the range of USD 20. Besides, Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Dark Silver can also be used to play games.

  2. Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Black Series

    Price of Logitech M325 Black series is USD 30. This type has a very futuristic design, coupled with the painting on the body of the mouse. So do not be surprised if some opinion that taking regarding Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Review, almost all of them expressed satisfaction. Cause of that, Logitech wireless mouse M325 be a favorite until nowadays.

How If Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse Are Broken?

Every device is left unattended will damaged. The cause may fall or expose to water. But do not worry, if Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Not Working you can claim the warranty. How?


Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse
Images: Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse
  1. Mouse ShapeIs Still intact

    If your Logitech 910 002974 M325 Wireless Mouse For Web Scrolling Black is not working, you can claim the warranty on the store where you bought the mouse. Provided the form of the mouse must be intact. If the mouse is destroying, for example, crushed by cars, it cannot claim warranty.

    Then, if the damage caused by you, then the losses likely will not be given. Careless such as the use of not caring. Because the store only receives compensation if system malfunction causes the mouse Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse Not Working. Also, the claim warranty claim is usually limited to 6 months.

  2. Bring Your Receipt And Warranty Card

    When buying an item, you usually get a payment receipt and warranty card. If you throw away the receipt or warranty card items already purchased, for example Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Dark Silver then when there is damage to your mouse cannot apply for compensation at the store. Don’t forget about time for claim your warranty.

  3. Special Service For Specific Type

    If you buy Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Black, you do not worry when there is damage. Because it usually claims a more extended period, it up to 12 months. Also, in case of minor damage, the mouse can be fixing in a few minutes. Consumers do not have to wait too long. That also applies to a specific type of mouse in addition to M325.


For further information, please contact Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 website. At this points, although this type of old product but its usefulness can still be using at this time, especially in the field of office. Also, the price offered is quite affordable for all people. It’s all some explanation about Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 Review.