Logitech New Mouse For Gaming Resolution

Logitech New Mouse – Logitech New Mouseis present its mainstay product named Logitech New Gaming Mouse. The gaming mouse is identical to its large size, its intricate design, and its many buttons. Sometimes that’s the point of weakness of a mouse because of too many innovations and gimmick embedded in it. So make the price of the mouse to be above average and not many gamers who use it.

Logitech New Mouse

Too many features also sometimes make its barrier because not necessarily all the features that are in it it will be used by gamers. Well, this is what may be the basis of Logitech to design one of its gaming mice is Logitech G400s. Check out a brief review of Logitech G400s below.

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New Logitech Mouse G400 Type

Gaming mouse has a unique feature on its system and shape. For example, on its body is exist many buttons up to 20 pcs. The purpose is to change a keyboard function. Besides, there is still any particular feature that gives the developer to a user.What is that? See some points below.

New Logitech Mouse G400
Images: New Logitech Mouse G400
  1. Different Design And Feature

    When viewed from the side of connectivity and other supporting features, the mouse does not have a significant difference. However, the standard mouse wears a USB cable connection to conventional designs anyway. In contrast to the gaming mouse prefer the design attractive and mostly using a Bluetooth connection.

    The most distinguishing, on a gaming mouse macros several keys can be programmed as needed, especially during play. For example contained in Prolink brands PMG9801L gaming mouse, Prolink EGA, X-G510 Genius, Genius X-G500 and many others.

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  1. Comfort To Use

    Logitech G400s have the same design as the best gaming mouse in general, with textured arch on the right and left mouse to make us comfortable when holding hands. The body is quite long and wide make or claw grip palm species can comfortably use. Not many buttons on this mouse also make Logitech g400s had plenty of space to attach our hands.

  1. G400 Has 8 Buttons That Support Your Game

    Gaming mouse on the market has 11 buttons, but in Logitech G400s we will only see eight buttons that are right click and left click scroll. Two extra buttons on the left for the thumb, a button on top of the scroll wheel and two buttons below the scroll wheel. Then, the two pins closest to the scroll wheel are the buttons used to change the sensitivity of the DPI.

    Two buttons located on the right side for us by default thumb function to act back and next. 2 buttons discount of different sizes, the distance between them wide enough so that we would not be wrong to distinguish. So, when you are playing a game with this mouse, you don’t to have adapted for a long time to habituate with your new Logitech mouse.

  1. The New Logitech Mouse Feature

    Logitech G400s delivers the right features of gaming mouse on the market but does not exaggerate with the features it offers. Like any other Logitech mouse, we can also use Logitech Gaming Software to store profiles and program every available button. But the difference with the different mouse, the G400 has fewer functional buttons.

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    One thing that should underline from this mouse is that it does not have an internal profile. So if the user wants to use this mouse on another computer, then it should program the button again manually. Or the user must import his profile from the computer where we first programmed this mouse. Of course, it takes time and energy.

Logitech New Mouse Specification

Some sentences above is a review about New Logitech Gaming Mouse in general. Some text below is specification about gaming mouse.

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  1. New Gaming Mouse Performance

    Logitech G400s has a high performance in several games that Nixiagamer tests like Titanfall, COD Advanced Warfare, DOTA 2, Thief and also Shadow of Mordor. On the game’s FPS gaming mouse can function adequately, aiming can do quickly and efficiently, lift-off test even passed with a right mouse.

    As for the game skill-based games, this mouse is still able to function properly, only for a game like this game, it has many shortcut keys in the mouse is a distinct advantage, and with this mouse, we can not have it. Quite apart from that, the Logitech G400s have a good performance and is suitable for all types of consumer playstyle.

  1. Macro System

    In gaming mouse and keystroke, macros feature is essential, because the function provides a game mode that will play. For example, when you play fighter games then some of your moves can be saved through the macro feature. So the formula will be stored in the macro system.

    The keystroke is a step every input of a character in a game. For example, when we press the X button once, then the keystroke will bring up some X menu that varies. It cannot find in the ordinary mouse that in fact serves only as a medium of supporting the effectiveness of the work.

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  1. LED Sensor As Additional Features

    Gaming mouse has additional features and effects, such as sensitivity to improve performance when the mouse operate, so that the game does not become slow or graphics look bad. Or system Easy-Touch LED and laser sensors so that the mouse is more sensitive to movement of the hand when playing games.

    By the way, the purpose of the LED laser mouse sensors on Logitech Mouse New type G400 has a function to help detect during acceleration. And lastly, memory on board that serves as a storage medium a variety of characters or moments in every game, so to get it, you just need to click once, and everything just goes.

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General Product Information:[Compliance Certification (CE) Link]
Warranty / Self HelpSee product support page for warranty duration and frequently asked questions
Product typeWired
Software SupportLogitech Gaming Software: Version 8.00 and higherNOTE: Check website for latest software release
OS SupportWindows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

Mouse Specifications:

USB ProtocolUSB 1.x
USB SpeedFull-speed
Connector TypeUSB
DPI3600 Max, Hardware Adjustable, Software Adjustable
Sensor TypeOptical, Light is visible, Color: Red
Onboard MemoryNo hardware memory profiles
Scroll WheelVertical Scroll Type:,Regular, Supports Horizontal: No
Indicator LightsN/A
Connect / PowerN/A
Battery Type and SizeN/A
Battery LifeN/A

Package Contents:

What is in the boxMouse, User documentation

Product Dimensions:

Product componentWidthDepth/LengthHeightWeight
Mouse73mm (2.87 inch)131mm (5.16 inch)43mm (1.69 inch)137g (4.83 ounce)
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That’s all explanation about Logitech New Mouse for the gamer. There are many other games first mouse produced by Logitech. Therefore, to add a reference, you can visit the official website of Logitech and other sources. Or you can visit the store nearest computer device to assess right gaming mouse G400 and others.