The Best Logitech Marathon Mouse In 2018

Logitech Marathon Mouse – Logitech marathon mouseis one of the sophisticated products made by the company of world-class computer accessories. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mousehas many advantages that do not exist by the ordinary mouse such as super sensitive sensors so that with just a touch of a few pointers on the monitor can move quickly.

Logitech Marathon Mouse

What user opinion about Logitech Marathon Mouse?

Some people do not doubt the quality of products offered by Logitech companies. From the keyboard, mouse, speakers, until the hard drive has a high quality can obtain quickly. Here are some user opinions about Logitech Marathon Mouse Review.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705
Images: Logitech Marathon Mouse M705
  1. Can Use In Any Media

    Logitech products are mainly Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Wireless Laser has the advantage that is rarely shared by other products. One of them has sensitivity. A mouse that can be said to be sensitive not only seen from the pause between movements with the monitor, or mouse with the easy-touch system.

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    Sensitive categories can also be embedded in Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse because the base equipped with darkfield Laser Sensor. Thus, this mouse can be used on any surface, even glass and leather. So users do not need to use mouse-pad when deciding to use Marathon mouse.

  2. User Holds Full Control

    Based on the Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 Review done by the developer, marathon puts the function of the button on the mouse. The scroll wheel has a super fast but easily controlled system. Then on the body mouse, there are four pieces of thumb buttons that can offer to programme by the wishes.

  3. Easy To Connect

    Using the Marathon mouse is easy. Plug your connector into computer or PC, then use it. But if you want to enable unifying system then you can install it first Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Software. By unifying, you can connect multiple devices at the same time.

    You can install the software through the official website or by using Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Driver. But if the device you have is a notebook, then you should use the first way. Just follow some of the procedures listed on your monitor screen.

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  4. Long Life Battery And Warranty

    The power used to operate the mouse does not use a cylindrical battery. But the cells are rechargeable. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3 Year Battery Lifeso no need to remove the battery every power out. Just plug the USB into the provided hole and leave it for a moment.

    Then, the warranty period is long enough. If the mouse cannot work, then you can claim a warranty on the store where you bought. Warranty time is given for three years from the day of purchase Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3-Year Battery Life. If the warranty period runs out, then you can not claim.

Technical Specification of Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705

Some of the points above are the specifications of Logitech in general. Then the details will technically be reviewed in the following words.

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  1. Logitech Mouse Marathon Dimension

    Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Laser Mouse has a width of 3.29 inch, a length of 5.05 inch and a height of 1.85 inches. A Marathon mouse is not much different from another mouse. Then, a form that is not too large allows users to carry the mouse anywhere.

    At the back of the mouse, there is a place to keep the receiver, so it is not easy to lose. Many wireless mouse incidents that the receiver is missing. So to anticipate, made a particular room. Based on Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Review, this design is beneficial especially for users who quickly forget.

  2. Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse Receiver Dimension

    Logitech Marathon M705 Mouse receivers have tiny size but become the primary function of Marathon mouse. This connector has a length of 0.57 inch, width 0.74 inches, and height 0.24 inch. The shape resembles a USB head. Then, the receiver equipped with Darkfield sensor laser technology with a variable resolution of 1000 DPI.

  3. Buttons Specification

    Logitech marathon mouse series is not the same as another mouse that only has three main buttons. But Logitech’s output mouse has nine buttons along with super fast button access. So this mouse is very responsive characterized by a pause between movement and pointer on the mouse is only 0.0001 seconds.

    But despite having a pretty good performance, this mouse is not including hardware accessories that consume a lot of power. Battery tightness embedded in the mouse can last up to more than a day. Also, the battery usage period Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 With 3 Year Battery Life).

  4. Soft Scroll Wheel

    The scroll wheel on the mouse also uses super-fast sensor technology, but the user can still control the speed because the system has easy control set. However based on Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse Review, his mouse was at the beginning of a hard and difficult to control. The new scroll wheel feels soft after being used several times.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Price

After reading some pretty detailed specs about the marathon mouse above, there are some readers who are curious about the price of Marathon Mouse. Below are some pricing details related to Marathon Mouse.

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  1. Logitech Marathon Mouse Price

    Some of the special features provided by the Logitech Marathon Mouse developer impact on the selling price. But do not worry, this mouse has a price that is still relatively cheap. A complete set of mouse is priced around USD 60 to USD 65. This price is certainly different in every country.

  2. Logitech Marathon Mouse Driver And Receiver

    If you need a driver to install software Marathon mouse, then you can buy it at a price of about USD 30. Then, in addition to the driver, Logitech receivers usually provide a backup in case the original is lose the receiver. The selling price given by the developer is USD 40.

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Marathon Mouse m705 Specifications


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Chrome OS™
Mac® OS X 10.4 or later
USB Port



Mouse size: (height x width x depth): 2.6 x 4.3 x 1.6 in; 70.0 x 109.0 x 40 mm
Mouse weight: 4.8 oz; 135 g
Sensing method : Invisible laser
Resolution dpi: 1000
Image processing capacity inches per second : 20
Buttons: 8 (including horizontal scrolling)
Scroll Wheel : Yes ( fast scrolling function)
Horizontal scroll : Yes
Battery: 2- AA type batteries
Battery life: 3 years maximum3
Operation distance : about 32 ft; 10m3
Wireless system : Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology
Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome OS
Connection I / F: USB


 Logitech® Marathon Mouse M705
Quick-start guide
2 AA Batteries
Logitech® Unifying receiver
Logitech® Mouse & Keyboard Personalizer Software CD


 3-year Limited hardware warranty


 PN: 910-001935
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That’s all the review about Logitech marathon mouse that has a variety of advantages over another mouse. For more information, you can visit a nearby store to be able to assess the performance of Logitech Marathon Mouse directly.