Logitech M100 Mouse For Your Gadget Accessories

Logitech M100 mouse is a new version of computer hardware, but it has an ‘old shape.’ That mouse includes in economical price cause it has producing to fulfill society needed. In the era of technology, all of the activities carried out by using a computer system. Therefore, Logitech M100 optical mouse could be one option especially for the office.

Logitech M100 Mouse
Images: Logitech M100 Mouse

Logitech M100 Mouse

M100 Logitech mouse is suitable for help you to finish your daily activities like work, gaming, designing, and other. Cause it has an ergonomic design, so your arms will not feel stiff. You can find it in every store that sells PC accessories. Logitech mouse can be one of some recommendation for you cause it offers some advantages for the user. See the article below.


Logitech M100 Mouse White
Images: Logitech M100 Mouse White

The Benefits Of Logitech M100 Mouse

Before buying a thing you should know the advantage and disadvantage first. You can not pay anything widely without knowing any information about it. Following of the text is the review about Logitech M100 price, features, and other.


  1. The Price Is Friendly

    An economic price with a famous brand is one of some consideration when going to buy something. If the cost is low, but you get a terrible quality, the consumer will not buy. Logitech mouse M100 price is very friendly, especially for a student who needs it. The amount which sells in the store under 100k and you have to get the best mouse.

    If you are a student, you can set your money aside like in your cupboard, mug, and other for a few days to buy these mouse. You will not get too hungry when you start saving money to buy some food in the school, cause Logitech M100 mouse price is low. During saving money, you can search information about mouse specification to know the original one and the false one.

  2. Comfort Design

    Mouse Logitech M100 has the comfortable design and it has ergonomic value. It can dedicate to you, and especially your work as a designer, who must work with computer and mouse to finish your sheet. Logitech mouse can be one of some recommendation for you. Cause it safe four you. The user will never feel stiff when you should use the mouse in a day.

    Logitech M100 USB optical wired mouse has a full size and have to set by its developer before. The shape is adapting by measuring the size of an adult’s arm. The users do not have to bend their arms too small because the mouse design has been made very comfortable. If you don’t trust enough, please try it for yourself now.

  3. It Has Best Tracking Optical

    Logitech USB Mouse M100 is not use a laser technology. That mouse still uses an optical system for operating its function. But don’t judge first, you will have the best experience when you try M100. It has the best tracking visual so can make a position which never reaches the slightest mistakes like paused, lag, and other.

  4. High Accurate

    Accurate’s Logitech M100 is high enough for the mouse which has a low price. It can still work out when you replace the mouse pad on your computer table. Besides, it can use any media like a booking sheet, your skin, wall, and on the floor. And remember, it never lost its performance even if you do not use your mouse pad. Logitech M100 mouse not working just in case it was watering.

  5. Logitech M100 USB Mouse Is Easy To Use

    Wireless mouse is famous enough nowadays. But it has a complicated step before you use it like installing the device, synchronize it and other. If you try to use the wired mouse, you do not to have to fix Logitech M100 Mouse Driver on your computer or PC.  (KW)Logitech M100 mouse wired make your life easy. You just need to plug in the USB cable to computer or PC.Besides, the driver sometimes needs to upgrade with regularly, and if you don’t start to do that, your mouse cannot use. Software named Logitech M100 Mouse Driver Download pro version usually ask you to pay some money. And you will get a different treatment with a user who installs a regular one.

  6. Measure Keys Feature

    Another advantage of Logitech M100 mouse is measuring keys feature. The user can set a mouse button, F-Key clocks, tracking pad, and configure other devices with special arrangements. You can do it with installing a software named SetPoint. It can also let you know about the battery status of the mouse. You should install Logitech Mouse M100 Driver first before use it.

  7. Flexibility Scroll Key

    Logitech M100 USB Optical Mouse has a scroll button that can knock to the left or the right. The function of this scroll key you can change at will with the additional software Logitech. Navigate worksheets enough yours and scroll horizontally into documents using the scroll wheel and zoom in and out photos instantly with one click.

  8. Long Time Guarantee

    If your mouse does not work or broken, you can claim your guarantee to the store where you buy that computer accessory. Logitech guarantee is available for three years to start from your buy. But the claim can make if the breaks occur due to production errors or user errors are mild, such as falls, broken wires, and other systems are not functioning.

  9. It Can Use In Every Computer Operating Program Types

    Logitech M100 Mouse can use on your PC that is running Windows, either Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Mac, Logitech M100 can use in a minimal operating system Mac OS X 10.4 and above. While on a Linux-based computer, the mouse can use on any operating system Linux Kernel 2.6 and the latest version of the above.

Logitech M100 Mouse White Black
Images: Logitech M100 Mouse White Black

Logitech M100 Mouse Specifications


Windows-based PC
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows 10
USB port
Mac® computer
Mac OS® X 10.4 or later
USB port
Linux® kernel 2.6 or later
USB port
Chrome OS™


Mouse Dimensions (height x width x depth):
2.44 in (62 mm) x 4.45 in (113 mm) x 1.50 in (38 mm)
Mouse Weight: 3.17 oz (90 g)
Cable Length: 70.87 in (180 cm)
Tracking technology: Optical
Sensor Resolution: 1000
Number of buttons: 3
Scroll Wheel (Y/N): Yes
Supported OS:
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Chrome OS™
Interface: USB
Product Origin: China


User Documentation


3-year Limited hardware warranty


 PN: 910-001601


Actually Logitech M100 mouse and every PC accessories give the user many advantages if they smart enough to maximization their computer accessories. Besides, the developer makes a product named Logitech Corded Mouse M100 too. The purpose is for getting a consumer satisfaction.

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