Logitech Corded Mouse, Low Cost But High Benefit

Logitech Corded Mouse –¬†Logitech corded mouse is a product made by the world’s leading mouse manufacturer called Logitech. The company is engaged in the manufacture of computer hardware such as keyboards, speakers, headsets, and mouse. One of the most phenomenal product is a mouse. Its quality is not in doubt and is recognizing by almost all countries in the world.

Logitech Corded Mouse
Images: Logitech Corded Mouse

Produced Logitech mouse, reach all consumers. They create quality products that can be bought by the middle to lower class. One of its products, namely Logitech Corded Mouse M100and all products under the brand M series. The price is very affordable, and the quality is guaranteed.

Specifications Logitech Corded Mouse

Although low cost, the developers still put the quality first so that consumers are not disappointed. Because many other products which offer little price but not accompanied by the excellent condition. Here are the specs Logitech Mouse M series.

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  1. M Series Is A Wired Mouse

    Logitech M series is not a wireless device. But you do not need to worry because the cable contained in the body of the mouse will not interfere with your activities. For example, the sensitivity level Logitech Corded Mouse M125 is quite high. So with the smooth motion of the mouse can move well and you do not need to use a lot of space on your desk.

    Also, the ambidextrous mouse design uses a pattern that has a balance of form between the right and left sides. Thus, your wrist will not feel stiff when you have to use the mouse for long periods of time. Then an ergonomic design can become its attraction for consumers.

  2. Very Useful Mouse

    Although Logitech M Series looks like a regular mouse, its uses are numerous. You can use M series to complete everyday office work, play a medium game, or even be used to do a reasonably specific job such as creating a graphic design and creating an image pattern on the monitor.

  3. SetPoin System

    Another advantage of Logitech M100, namely the function of each key can set by using additional software called SetPoint Logitech made by themselves. You can download the software on a link that listed in the guidebooks. You can follow the steps that already exist on the attachment in the box.

    SetPoint enables you to customize the mouse buttons, keyboard F-keys, and hot-keys, control tracking speed and configure other devices with special arrangements. SetPoint software can also let you know about the battery status on the mouse, and tell whether the Caps Lock and Num Lock is on or off.

  4. Fleksibel Scroll Button

    Logitech M100 has a scroll button that can be pressing to the left or the right. The function of this scroll key you can change at will with the additional software Logitech. Merely navigate your spreadsheets and scroll horizontally into documents using the scroll wheel, and zoom in and out photos quickly with a single click.

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This function is similar to Logitech Trackman Wheel Corded Mouse which makes users more comfortable when using the mouse. With these facilities, doing the job will be more simple and straightforward. So that various tasks can be completed quickly.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Review

In addition to the type M100, Logitech also still have a mouse version of the other no less sophisticated. The product is named Logitech Corded Mouse M500. Here are some reviews.

Logitech Corded Mouse M500
Images: Logitech Corded Mouse M500
  1. Do not Need To Install Software

    Logitech M500 Corded Mouse using a cable device, so you just only connect the mouse cable to the USB port and can be used immediately. Logitech parties also provide hardware limited warranty for this for three years. But actually, this mouse with Logitech offers a more extended durability.

    You can also enjoy cursor control that is responsive, flexible, fast and easy text selection thanks to the optical tracking with high definition of 1000 dpi. If your mouse cannot use, then file a warranty claim to the store where you bought the mouse during the warranty period has not been exhausted.

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  2. Work On Almost All System Computer Operation

    Mouse Logitech M500 can use on your Windows-based PC, both Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For Mac computers, Logitech M500 can use in minimal operating systems Mac OS X 10.4 and above. While on a Linux-based computer, this mouse can use on Linux Kernel 2.6 operating system and the latest version above.

  3. One Disadvantage Of Logitech M Series

    For the drawbacks on Logitech M series, the most noticeable is the button that is clicked to produce a loud sound. More precisely the louder sound produced is louder than the mouse or other products. For those of you who have a busy life as a gamer, this mouse does not seem to fit. Because the clicking sound it can interfere with concentration.

    Then the vital function scroll key that considered quite rude when they are new, but if it had been a long time this button will be okay. But the rest of this mouse has a good performance, primarily if used for office purposes. In addition to low prices, its use of power entirely extended can be up to five years.

  4. Friendly Cost

    Based on Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Review, the purchase price matches the quality of the mouse. There are even users who claim that the price is ‘less high’ because the performance is excellent. You can buy Logitech M series in computer device stores with the price range of USD 8 to USD 10. It is cheap, right?

  5. Easy To Find

    Logitech is a world-class hardware developer brand that already has an extensive product distribution. In almost all regions of the country have been provided a various device called Logitech. So, at your nearest shop can be found at affordable prices. However, only some stores that serve a warranty claim.

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Logitech Corded Mouse M500 Specifications

General Product Information[Compliance Certification (CE) Link]
Warranty / Self HelpPlease see the product support page for warranty information and frequently asked questions.
Software Support (at release)SetPoint 6.61 (mouse programmable)LCC version 3.51 (mouse programmable)
NOTE: If software is available, check website for latest software release. 
OS Support (at release)Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS version 10.5+

Mouse Specifications

Connection TypeUSB (corded)
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
USB SpeedLow-speed
DPIMax: 1100
Software adjustable: No
Hardware adjustable: No
SensorType: Laser
Visible light: No
Scroll WheelVertical scroll: Hyper-fast
Left/Right tilt: Yes
Tilt Wheel function: Scroll left/right
Indicator Lights (LED)None
Standard & Special ButtonsStandard buttons: Left & Right, Scroll Wheel Button, Thumb button, Tilt Wheel Buttons
Special buttons: None
Cable Length6 feet or 1.85 meters

Product Dimensions

Product componentMouse
Width69 mm (2.32 inch)
Depth/Length126 mm (4.96 inch)
Height42 mm (1.65 inch)
Weight145 g (5.11 ounce)

Package Contents

Available Image(s)None
What is in the boxMouse, User documentation
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Logitech corded mouse M series has many advantages as described above. But other versions of M500 and M100, there are different types such as Logitech M500 Corded Laser Mouse which has its specifications. You can visit the official website of Logitech for more information.