Ultra HD display screens, otherwise known as 4K monitors, are essential for gaming nowadays. They are purchased so that gamers can fully-experience these incredible games. It will not be the same if you don’t have the right monitor to play your video game on, so you should definitely think about investing in a good one.

There are many 4K monitors out in the market, so looking for one shouldn’t be that difficult. But the problem is, which one to choose. You have to consider a lot of factors so that you will be able to decide which one would best suit you and your preferences. Depending on the features, price, and the performance quality, these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding what is the best 4k monitor for gaming.

When choosing a 4K monitor, you have to take into account that it should be UHD (Ultra High Definition) by nature. Some of the features that a UHD display monitor is the response time and the color gamut. Without the two, you won’t be able to tell if the monitor is really worth what you are paying for.

best 4k monitor

Whether you are a professional gamer or not, if you really enjoy gaming, why not take advantage of what modern technology has to offer. These monitors might be a bit pricey for most people, but once you actually check out the specs, dimensions, and features, you’ll be surprised by how much of an investment these gaming monitors are.

Samsung UE590 28in 4K LED-Lit Monitor

With product dimensions of 26 X 26.1 X 0.7 inches, this 4K monitor is perfect for gaming. As a top-quality brand, Samsung has once again put out a quality product that is actually quite affordable. Not only is it significantly cheaper compared to other products from different brands, it also has a great design, making it a popular choice for gamers. Although the graphics is more important, the design of the monitor should also be considered when choosing the perfect monitor for gaming.

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Some of the features that this product boasts are its AMD FreeSync technology and its capability of displaying gaming graphics through HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 ports.  With these features, this product will give you the best possible graphics a 4k monitor for gaming can offer.

Acer XB280HK bprz Ultra HD 4K NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Monitor

The name of the product might be lengthy, but it just shows that it has a lot of features that you might be interested in knowing about. Aesthetically pleasing graphics are what this product aims for. If you are a competitive gamer, you are going to need every corner of your television screen so it makes sense to invest in a monitor that has state-of-the-art graphics.

As previously mentioned, gaming performance is one of the important factors that one should consider when choosing to purchase a monitor for the purpose of gaming. This product boasts NVIDIA G-Sync technology that allows you to minimize distractions and give you quality performance when it comes to competitive games.


Some of its special features include 1ms response time, UHD 4K resolution, five (5) USB 3.0 Ports, and one (1) Display Port for the convenience of the user. Other features of this 4K monitor are its comfy view display as well as its capability of low dimming and flicker-less graphics.

Whatever other features it may have after this point, it is already a product worth buying if you are deciding on getting the quality 4K monitors.

Asus ROG swift PG27AQ

This 27-inch 4K monitor has an incredible resolution of 3840 X 2160 that will make your gaming experience out of this world. Although it is a bit pricey for a monitor intended for game use, the features make up for the almost 900-dollar price tag.


Some of its features include a 10-bit color accuracy, IPS panel technology, as well as a G-Sync technology just to name a few. It has a one hundred and seventy-eight-degree angle for viewing and a 4ms response time.

With all of that taken into account, maybe you will have a better idea of what kind of 4K monitor you would want for gaming. After considering all the factors in deciding what monitor to choose, you can finally see what makes up some of the best 4K monitors for gaming in the market.


Hopefully you like our review on these three 4k monitors for gaming, as we had to manually review each of them! If you’re looking for a new monitor, chances are you may be building your own PC as well. That’s something we highly recommend you do, as it can save you a bunch of money compared to buying one at retail price.

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