You must be fed up with the latest smartphones. In all honesty, the innovation in smartphones is really making people mad (sarcasm). The unique features and other things are getting to such a massive level, that these smartphones are at times replacing the laptops. Among the new devices that are in the market, the iPhone 7 is a real craze. What do people think about it? How is it different from that of the iPhone 6? Here are some of the specific things that are making the new iPhone better than its predecessor.


Display And Design

These are some of the top things that you might have to make a note in the new iPhone, but to be clear, there is almost no difference in the display and design of the two phones are compared. The only addition in the new device is the waterproof body. This is just a miracle in the new device, but it is really making a wow factor in the market.

Storage Facility

If storage is considered, the new device can be identified as the best successor to the previous iPhone. Where the old device had 16 GB of RAM space, 64 GB ROM, and 128 GB external space support, the new one is having everything doubled up. The RAM space here is 32 GB; ROM is 128 GB and the support for the external card is 256 GB. Just compare them, if you can. This is a configuration that you are not going to get even in some of the best laptops.

System Support

If you consider the system of both the devices, then also you are going to get a shock. You will find that the new device is again an awesome correction of the iPhone 6. iPhone 6 was supported with 2 GB RAM and the processor was A6. That has been upgraded to A7, and the device now is having a RAM of 3 GB. So, the performance of your smartphone is going to be enhanced even more.


Camera quality of the front camera has been increased to a great level. It is now of 7 MP, instead of 5 MP. The rear camera has been kept same at 12 MP, but some of the excellent features are included to it, to make it an awesome device from all angles. You will also find some additional attributes in the new device too. This includes the 6 element lens and also the quad flash with LED.

Headphone jack feature is not there in the new apple. This is an indication that the device has to be used with Bluetooth or Hotspot headsets. Now, when you get these three things in the new device, you are sure to get the new version with the excellent features included in it. Get in touch with the device. You will feel how good that device is. It is the fact that apple users, use apple only. Just use it once. You will know why people do that.

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